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Strategic Partners

The first step in successfully implementing a Water, Sanitation, and/or Hygiene solution is forming partnerships with local entities in the countries and regions we work within around the world. These partnerships serve as the backbone for engagement with the communities and help to position Vera Aqua Vera Vita as a trusted adviser and engineering consultant. One of the goals of the strategic partnerships is to establish a local liaison within the community that coordinates directly with Vera Aqua Vera Vita’s country-specific program manager.

Assessment Surveys


Initial high-level research of the community, region, and country in regard to demographics, climate, governance, and water & sanitation situations are conducted by Vera Aqua Vera Vita’s country-specific program manager as needed.


Results of the preliminary assessment survey are used to develop a community-specific comprehensive assessment survey. A representative sample of community households/people are identified based on demographic information acquired during the preliminary survey. With the help of community leadership, volunteers, and the local liaison, the comprehensive assessment survey is administered to the representative sample of households/people. 

WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) Solution Implementation

  • Identify the water solution to meet the need

  • Use the Triple Bottom Line (People, Environment, and Economy) to evaluate and determine the best water solution

  • Develop a financing plan/model that engages the community's resources

  • Design the water solution using local consulting if possible

  • Construct the water solution using community "sweat equity" (i.e. volunteer labor from local residents) for manual labor

  • Transfer ownership of the water solution to the community after an agreed upon time period with the community



W.A.S.H. Community Education

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene development solutions are only as effective as the education, instruction, and training that accompany them. It is for this very reason that Vera Aqua Vera Vita aims to develop a comprehensive educational and instructional program to empower the people we serve to ultimately be "the aqueducts of their own future solutions and development."

Theology of the Body Education

At the foundation of all that Vera Aqua Vera Vita is about is the dignity and immeasurable value of each and every human being we serve. It is for this reason that we desire to speak and teach truth to the people regarding the innate and indissoluble connection between their body (physical well-being) and soul (spiritual well-being).

Water as the single most fundamental resource needed for organic life. It has deep spiritual significance for the human body as well. As human beings, we have a right to life that acknowledges the body --- not just a housing unit for the soul --- but as a true temple for the soul, and more poignantly, a temple for the Spirit of Christ Jesus.




Vera Aqua Vera Vita creates an organizational culture in which donors, patrons, volunteers, and staff can have a missionary experience even if they never travel to one of the many countries we work in and serve; this sort of culture is fostered by creating solidarity and connections between domestic partners and the people we are serving in developing countries around the world. In our modern world, it has never been easier to communicate with people all over the world through a great variety of avenues: email, social media, digital publications, WhatsApp, videos, or cell-phone calls. With the use of these digital resources, Vera Aqua Vera Vita creates a missionary culture for our domestic partners.


At the heart of our organization are the people in the developing countries we serve.They are the reason we exist and their well-being is our highest priority. Vera Aqua Vera Vita is about creating opportunities for our domestic donors, patrons, volunteers, and staff to travel abroad to the communities we are working in and help implement a W.A.S.H. solution, participate as an educator in our education program, or simply serve as a missionary in advancing the mission of Vera Aqua Vera Vita.