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Check out Vera Aqua Vera VIta's first animated video and learn about Alcira's story and the impact we can have by empowering her and many others like her with clean water and sanitation services. Water is essential to life! Nearly one billion people around the world live each day without access to clean drinking water...
Saludos from Peru! We are beyond excited to announce that True Water is flowing in Monte Castillo! The water treatment facility is open and will provide clean water to over 7,000 people. We are grateful for all your support! Together we can provide #truewatertruelife!
Vera Aqua Vera Vita is in Monte Castillo, Piura, Peru for the 1st phase of our comprehensive infrastructure improvements planned for the people. In this first phase, we are empowering the local people in the construction of a Water Treatment Facility which when complete and put into operation in early 2019 will be capable of providing clean water for drinking and cooking to 7000 people.
Alcira is Vera Aqua Vera Vita's greatest local champion for their work in Monte Castillo and is in fact a resident member of the community! Watch in this video as Alcira provides her testimony and thoughts on the now operational Water Treatment Facility in Monte Castillo!
Alberto Montoya is Vera Aqua Vera Vita's longest-running volunteer and currently serves as Peru project liaison and a board member. Watch in this video as Alberto provides his testimony and involvement with the Monte Castillo project in Peru!
Kick your feet up and watch this video in which the Vera Aqua Vera Vita founder, Jacob Niemeier, describes the various elements of the water treatment facility in Monte Castillo and what VAVV's many generous donors have made possible for the 7000+ people in the community of Monte Castillo, Piura, Peru!