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Thank you so very much to all who have donated to help us raise over $70,000 to fully fund Phase 1 (Water Treatment Facility) and Part 1 of Phase 2 (Sanitary Sewer System Improvements & Condition Assessment) for our project in Monte Castillo, Peru.

More work is yet to be done in Monte Castillo to ensure the people go from simply surviving to ultimately thriving! The next stage of fundraising is for Parts 2, 3, & 4 of Phase 2 (Comprehensive Infrastructure Improvements) in which we will implement our empowering Education Workshop in the Community, conduct Topographic Survey of the community, conduct Assessment of Water System, and Design the necessary Improvements!

100% of whatever you give as a Project Partner will help bring clean water and sanitation services to the people we serve! Every $50 provides clean water for one person!