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Mission Partners Testimonies

Our Mission Partners are generous individuals who share Vera Aqua Vera Vita’s vision of bringing True Water, True Life to communities all over the world. Everyone has a different reason for giving their time and treasure to our mission. Meet our Mission Partners and learn why they choose to support Vera Aqua Vera Vita. To learn more about becoming a Mission Partner, visit our Mission Partner Page.

MP Testimony - Cheryl.jpg

Jeff & Cheryl Niemeier

Mission Partners since September 2018

MP Testimony - Fernanda.jpg

Fernanda Munoz

Mission Partner since January 2018

MP Testimony - Emeka.jpg

Emeka Okafor

Mission Partner since February 2018

MP Testimony - Alex and April.jpg

Alex & April Johannigman

Mission Partners since February 2018

MP Testimony - Sharon.jpg

Sharon Dunten

Mission Partner since June 2018

MP Testimony - Alberto.jpg

Alberto Montoya

Mission Partner since September 2018

MP Testimony - Courtney.jpg

Courtney Nordhus

Mission Partner since January 2019

MP Testimony - Jorge.jpg

Jorge Trevino Jr.

Mission Partner since February 2019

MP Testimony - Kurt.jpg

Kurt Klement

Mission Partner since August 2018

Hans Ingold

Mission Partner since October 2018